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Alvega and its surroundings

The history of Alvega is largely based on legends and few historical facts. For the origin of the name itself, there are two versions. The first argues that the name Alvega derives from the Roman city that preceded it – Aritium or Aritius Vetium – and the second that the name actually derives from the designation that the Arabs gave to the place: Al-rega

Very close to Alvega there are very interesting activities you can do. Among them, I highlight the Alamal pedestrian walkway, as well as the beautiful Amieira do Tejo walkway.

At Ortiga beach, you can take a canoe route between Ortiga and Alamal.

Very close to Monte, you can take walks on the different existing trails. One of them in the middle of the forest and another near the Tagus River. Both with exceptional views and you can even see a huge diversity of fauna and flora.

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